FC2 Premium Service Terms of Use / FC2 Point Terms of Use

The FC2 Point Terms of Use are a part of the 'FC2 Terms of Use'. When you make any payment within a Service that includes FC2 Points, both the FC2 Point Terms of Use and the 'Basic Guideline' in the FC2 Terms of Use will be applied. Rights and duties to premium services and privilege arise when FC2 or its business partner ("Partner") settles accounts with you after you apply for premium membership or privilege provided by each premium service.

1.Charges and Payment
  1. As for charge to use the FC2 premium services and payment, you are to follow regulations fixed by these terms of use or those fixed for each FC2 premium service.
  2. You are to bear commission, tax or lump-sum payment for each pay service.
  3. When the payment for the initial registration or renewal is not made until the specified date, we consider that you do not intend to register or renew your premium membership and will terminates the contract.
  4. Even if we cannot collect a charge from a card company or its agency, you must agree to make a payment charged by us.
  5. When you approve billing to the credit card you specified, (we receive advance payment from a credit card company), we consider that you accept not only the billing you approved but also all the billing form the FC2 premium services you use (until the user cancels the premium services and cancellation procedure is completed) as long as the credit card is valid. In order to use a credit card, you must agree to this clause.
  6. We may revise charges or contents of premium services without users' approval. And also the revised charges will be applied when you renew your contract of a premium service.
  7. When you do not make a payment until the specified date provided by these terms of use and each service you must pay a late payment charge fixed by FC2.
  8. Payment must be made by the method we specify. FC2 shall not be liable for any payments made via a method not specified, nor for any losses are caused by such payments, them.
  9. Users agree to the fact that they cannot shorten the contract period of Premium Services.
  10. No requests for refunds, after purchasing Points or agreeing to use Premium Services, will be valid under any circumstances.
  11. In the event of a request for chargeback from a credit card company, the corresponding account shall be suspended.
2. FC2 Points
  1. FC2 Points are offered via a system that presents constant added value. In other words they make it possible for users to receive the added value provided by FC2.
    1. According to provisions separately shown on each FC2 site, you can use your points to make a payment for a premium service which allows the use of points.
    2. The point purchase must be done by the method we specify. When you make a payment by other methods and some losses are caused by it, we are not liable for them.
    3. The points must be used the way we specify and cannot be used for other purposes.
    4. You can only purchase consumable points. We neither cash them nor refund as cash.
  2. Validity of Points
    1. When the upper limit of points you can own and the terms of validity are not stated, you must agree that they can be specified at our sole discretion.
    2. The points are valid only while you use the FC2ID.
    3. The points do not guarantee that you will be able to use FC2 services or privilege forever. In the event that the contents of services, privilege or systems is changed or discontinued, FC2 does not guarantee users will be able to use their own points.
    4. The user point status offered by FC2 (balance, date of use, service(s) you use or others) is not proof that FC2 is entitling Users to use Service(s) or any privelege in any way.
    5. Previleges presented by any partners are offered according to their own terms.
  3. Points obtained from Sponsored Sites
      Users will be able to obtain Points, when meet the registration requirements by the Sponsored Sites
    1. FC2 specifies a Point content and duration for each Sponsered Site registration requirements.
    2. FC2 and Sponsored sites judges if User will be allowed to obtain FC2 Points or not.
    3. The points cannot be transferred or added up among different IDs.
    4. FC2 will not be liable for damages caused by Sponsored sites.
    5. FC2 retains the right to modify your Points if you obtained them by an error caused by such as maintenance, system restoration, power failure, natural disaster or any other Force Majeure.
    6. When you obtain or use Points by acts of dishonesty, all of your point will become invalid, and the your use or purchase of Points will be limited.
    7. Points will not be added when Sponsored sites do not approve for some reason. FC2 is not responsible to explain the reason in such case.
  4. Redeeming Points
      Points obtained as payment through functions such as FC2 Affiliate, FC2 Video Affiliate etc. or by Users selling content on FC2 Services are Redeemable Points.
    1. Users can apply to redeem Redeemable Points to FC2.
    2. FC2 will not support restoration of once deducted Points excluding cases which are attributable to negligence by FC2.
    3. When Points cannot be converted into your bank account due to deficiency in your registration data, FC2 will not be liable for that.
    4. FC2 shall not be held liable in any way, in the event that, due to deficiencies in registration information or postal incidents, a cheque posted to the address specified by the User does not reach the address.
    5. You will be responsible for all costs associated with the application of redeeming Points.
    6. FC2 may require forms of identification to confirm the authenticity of Point redeeming application in the way FC2 specified.
    7. FC2 retains the right to set, revise, or cancel the guidelines of Redeemable Points freely.
    8. When you withdraw from FC2 Services, your Points will be invalid immediately, and even in the event that you are at applying to redeem points process, the process will be cancelled and the points will not be redeemable.
    9. When FC2 recognizes you doing prohibited acts or conduct during process of redeeming Points, we will ban your account or, limit you using or purchasing Points.
  5. Prohibited Conduct
    FC2 retains the right to take any measure or procedure against Users that commits prohibited conduct, including suspending accounts or making Points invalid. Whether or not a User's conduct corresponds to prohibited conduct is at the full discretion of FC2. In the event that FC2 or a third party suffers damages due to prohibited conduct, the User shall be responsible for reimbursement.
    FC2 prohibits the any of the following conduct or any action suspected to correspond to the following conduct.
    1. Any conduct that corresponds or is suspected to be a violation of the "Prohibited Guidelines".
    2. Obtaining Points in a matter not specified by FC2.
    3. Transferring, sharing, lending, borrowing or combining Points with others or across multiple ID's, in a matter not specified by FC2.
    4. Receiving Points from another in a matter not specified by FC2, or allowing others to purchase Points.
  6. Invalidity/Lapse/Cancellation of Points
    Points may be made invalid without notice in the following cases. In the event that anything suspicious is detected, FC2 may impose restrictions on use, purchase and exchange of points. Invalid points cannot be returned or exchanged.
    1. In the event of anything illegal or dishonest.
    2. In the event of a violation of these terms of use or other FC2 rules.
    3. In the event of an account suspension.
    4. In the event of obtaining points by dishonest means.
    5. In the event of withdrawing from FC2 Services.
    6. In the event of that FC2 deems it is appropriate to revoke points the user obtained.

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FC2 Video Terms of Use

The FC2 Video Terms of Use constitute a part of the FC2 Terms of Use. The FC2 Video Terms of Use (Hereby also referred to as "This Document") and the "Fundamental Guidelines" section of the FC2 Terms of Use apply to the use of the FC2 Video service.

FC2 Video is a service which stores and distributes text, sound and/or video files, created and/or uploaded by Users, onto a webpage. FC2 Video is comprised of both a Free Version and, for those who pay a User Fee, a Premium Version.

1. Personal Information
  1. FC2 Video complies with the FC2 Privacy Policy when managing and protecting Users' Personal Information.
2. Prohibited Conduct and Bans
FC2 retains the right to ban, without forewarning, any Users who engage in any of the following conduct. Also, releasing and/or uploading any prohibited content is expressly forbidden. FC2 retains the right to delete and/or remove any corresponding content.
  1. Users may not engage in any conduct or commit any acts prohibited by the Fundamental Guidelines, or any similar act.
  2. FC2 retains the right to take all measures or legal procedures against Users who violate the Fundamental Guidelines.
  3. Whether or not a User's conduct or omission counts as a violation is the right of FC2 to decide.
3. Limitation of Liabilities
  1. FC2 can not be held accountable for any matter mentioned in the Limitation of Liabilities section of the Fundamental Guidelines, nor for any of the following reasons.
  2. This Service is managed from and based in the United States of America. FC2 is not responsible for stating or asserting the correct, appropriate use by Users, anywhere outside of the United States of America. Users who access Our Service(s) from any other jurisdiction, are fully responsible for using and/or accessing Our Service(s) in a lawful manner in compliance with local laws and regulations.
4. Age Restriction
Content which only adults are permitted to view exist on the FC2 Video Service (Hereby respectively referred to as "Adult Content".)
  1. Conditions relating to Adult Content
    1. Adult Content is only permitted to be viewed by Users over the age of 18. Users under the age of 18 are expressly forbidden from viewing Adult Content.
    2. Users must upload all Adult Content into the Adult Content section of FC2 Video (http://video.fc2.com/a/).
    3. All people photographed and/or videoed, performers, models etc. must be 18 years of age or above at the time the images were taken.
    4. Any Adult Content including people photographed or videoed, performers or models etc. who are under 18 or can not prove they are 18 or older is expressly forbidden to be released on Our Service(s).
5. Premium Services
FC2 Video provides a Pay-for-use Service (Hereby also referred to as "Premium Service(s)"), under certain provisions.Users enter into a contract with FC2 from the moment of payment, for a specified Premium Plan. During this contract the User's corresponding Account will be set as a Premium Member. Users will comply with the usage fee, the method of payment and reimbursement; indicated both in This Document and on separate established FC2 sites.
  1. Users who use FC2 Premium Services and/or FC2 Points, agree to the "FC2 Premium Services Terms of Use" and the "FC2 Points Term of Use".
  2. In accordance with FC2 Payment Rules and FC2 Reward Rules, Users can receive and/or earn rewards. FC2 receives a set percentage of those reward earnings.
  3. Users acknowledge and agree to the "Premium Service(s) Terms of Use" at all times while logged in, or all times during a Premium contract with FC2. Users also acknowledge and agree that these charges, fees and other such financial conditions and stipulations may be freely changed by FC2 without any prior notice; and that such new charges, fees and stipulations become effective immediately.
  4. No matter what happens, no refunds will be paid out by FC2 once payment has been received.
6. FC2 Video User Content
  1. Users take full responsibility for all text, images and/or video etc. uploaded onto Our Service(s). FC2 expects that all uploaded User content on Our Service(s) has been done so with permission from the copyright and/or license holder(s).
7. Canceling the Service
  1. When a User wishes to cancel use of the FC2 Video Service they may do so from the FC2ID management screen.
  2. Users relinquish all rights they had using FC2 Video the moment they cancel FC2 Video.
8. Amendments to the FC2 Video Terms of Use
  1. All Users of FC2 Video acknowledge and accept any and all amendments, changes and revisions to This Document as they occur.