Guideline for Adult Content Material

All FC2 Users that upload adult contents must review the following guideline. 

Guideline for Prohibited Content

The following guidelines apply to all content posted on Additionally, it is not permitted to advertise or promote any external sites containing the prohibited expressions listed below through links within

Category    Explanation Prohibited Contents

Sexual interaction and consent

Any performer in the following state

・Use of chloroform
・Completely bound 
・Use of drugs
・Excessive consumption of alcohol

All sexual activity with a performer who cannot express consent normally is prohibited.


Violent act

Excessive violence used on performer

・Forcefully controlling performer's movement
・Forcefully stepping on performer
・Excessive slapping
・Suffocating act
・Blood during sexual activity
・Weapon use during sexual activiity
・Self-inflicted harm
・Cannot escape
・Murder before, after, or in between sexual activity
・Sexual activity with excessive violence


Action which shows performer stopping consent

Performer verbally or visually indicating that they do not consent 

・Showing regret
・Showing fear
・Excessive pain
・Excessive screaming 

Scat Contents with scat 

Below material appears in the contents, real or fake

・Menstrual blood
・Gastric Fluid
・Enema inserted object and coming back out
・Chewed up food

Beastiality Sexual interaction with a non-human

Any performer depicting a non-human and portraying non-human behaviour during sex


Incest Incest act between performers

Performers in the sexual activity are third degree relative

Cannot use words related to grandparents, parents, siblings, to express the relationship of performers

Child Pornography Performer under the age of 18

・Appearance of performer under 18 years of age 
・Expression including age, which implies that the performer is under 18
・Individual under 18 appears in a location that is not public (Changing room, public bath, breastfeeding room, etc)

Any characters under the age 18 may not be shown, including live action, anime, cartoon or AI/computer generated.

It is not permissible to portray performers/characters who are under the age of 18 or appear to be under the age of 18, whether they exist in reality or not, as objects of sexual interest.

Even if there is no sexual intercourse or exposure of genitals, excessive exposure, poses or behaviors with sexual connotations, or any implicit representation of sexual acts or intercourse are also prohibited. 

Submission of Consent Agreement

FC2 Users who upload adult contents must submit an agreement to FC2 that agrees to the following. 

  1. The performer of the adult contents has consented to the appearance within said content
  2. The performer must be at an age where they can legally appear in an adult content, and has been verified using a government issued ID and a copy of that identification document has been retained
  3. The adult content is permitted by the performer to be distributed to FC2, websites including FC2, or the whole internet
  4. If the mentioned work is being sold as a downloadable content, the performer consent to the fact the content can be downloaded by viewers
  5. If FC2 deems it necessary, must immediately(within 3 business days) submit document proof for the aforementioned 1~4, or have the documents registered on the system beforehand and can be reviewed by FC2 at anytime 
  6. If you are posting materials provided by the rights holder(copyright holder, affiliate site, distribution site, etc. ) for promotion purposes, you must clearly obtain the usage rights of the material from the rights holder. You must also confirm the rights holder has executed 1~4 and the content does not violate the FC2 Terms of Use. If any issue related to 1~4 arises, must immediately(within 3 business days) submit to FC2
  7. If the contents was not produced by yourself but have the distribuition rights, must confirm with copyright holder the location of the documents relating to 1~4 and immediately(within 3 business days) submit to FC2 when any issue arises


Submission of Identification Document

All FC2 Users who upload adult contents must submit a government issued identification document to FC2